Services ~ General Dentistry

At Magnolia Dental Care, we provide basic and advanced general dentistry care to maintain and restore oral health.

Our general dentistry services include helping you maintain proper dental hygiene, as well as preventative and restorative dental care. It is important to us that the treatment we perform is the proper and appropriate treatment for each individual patient so we take the time to do a thorough evaluation before recommending any procedure. The professional and comfortable general dentistry care offered by Magnolia Dental Care allows our patients to achieve their optimum oral health.


Modern preventative dentistry goes far beyond brushing and flossing. Dr. Moberly and his staff utilize the most current risk assessment tools and techniques available to prevent dental disease.


Modern dental technology allows us to provide caring and experienced teeth cleaning services. Maintaining your oral health can help to avoid enduring pain, tooth loss, and expensive restorative procedures that can occur without preventative care.


Dental fillings can help to protect the deteriorated or damaged area of a tooth from further cavity decay. We are happy to provide non-metal composite dental fillings to treat cavities. To schedule a teeth cleaning and comprehensive dental exam, contact us today.