We take pride in utilizing the best dental technology to assist you in your care. At the same time, we never forget that the best way to learn about our patients is to listen to them.

dental technology

Digital X-rays allow us to reduce the radiation exposure as compared to traditional film based dental X-rays by one third to one half and allow the patient to see the images on a monitor.

Intraoral cameras allow you to see your teeth the same way we see them. Cracks, decay, broken or warn areas can be very visible to both you and us. Digital photos also allow us to monitor subtle changes in your teeth much more precisely.

Computerized bite analysis utilizing the Tek-Scan system allows us to analyze your bite in increments as small as 1/100 of a second and differentiate load factors that may be imperceptible to the patient but disastrous to the teeth.

The operating microscope allows us to enlarge what we are looking at up to 16 times its normal size. This allows us to diagnose some problems that may be invisible to the naked eye and also allows us to provide the best in minimally invasive dentistry.

One piece of old technology that is often forgotten is our ears. Listening to our patients is a primary concern and one bit of old technology we never want to forget.

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