Services ~ TMJ Treatment

Do you suffer from migraines, neck problems, sore or sensitive teeth, facial pain or discomfort? Do your jaw joints grind, pop, click or cause you pain?

Many of the problems that are often attributed to “TMJ problems” are muscular problems that also have an occlusal (bite) component. Magnolia Dental Care offers several TMJ treatment options that remedy many of these problems by utilizing an occlusal orthotic (bite splint). This type of TMJ treatment helps restore a bite that can function without causing damage, providing stability that gives support to the teeth, gums and bone. An unstable bite can be detrimental to your oral health.


Magnolia Dental Care utilizes advanced equipment, including the Tek-scan that allows us to analyze a person’s bite utilizing a computer generated graph broken into 1/100 of a second intervals. Dr. Moberly, a TMJ specialist, and the Magnolia Dental Care team provide personalized TMJ treatment options so you can achieve dental and overall well-being.

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